We will set up time to talk about your project, no cost or obilgation for us to learn about your home or business and what you would like to do!


Simply Smarter Home will send you a summary of exactly what your system will be designed to do and an estimated equipment cost. If you would like to purchase we will send over an invoice for the full custom schematic for your home.


The schematic you purchased will have the information you need now you can: install yourself, have us walk you through it, or we can come out and install for you!

Control many apsects of your home with a tablet, smart phone or your voice

Receive notifications to your phone when family members come and go

Lost the remote? Control the entertainment system with voice and keep relaxing

No more feeling guilty for moving a pet or loved one when you adjust aspects of your home like heating or cooling

Protect the home with live surveillance, interior and/or exterior cameras

See what the baby is doing even check their heart rate from another room

Improve your workout with real time data such as heart rate even water consumption

Make your lights, heating/cooling, etc more accessible with voice and smart devices

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